Recap: 2018 CRA Liaison Meeting

Left to right: Brenda Woo and Karen Martin, both of CRA, with David Chiang CPA CA, CPABC Vice-President Member Advice & Programs

On February 27, 2018, 85 CPABC practitioners met at the Comfort Inn & Suites in Victoria to meet with CRA regional representatives as part of the annual CPABC-CRA Liaison Meetings.   In total, 7 meetings will be held across BC and the Yukon with over 500 practitioners participating.

The Liaison Meetings provide practitioners an opportunity to receive updates from CRA directly.  In Victoria, David Bedford, CRA’s Director for Vancouver Island and North Tax Services Office, provided opening remarks and comments.  He was followed by Brenda Woo, Regional Programs Advisor, who highlighted CRA initiatives and priorities.  And, Karen Martin, Pacific Region Outreach Planning Officer, presented new developments and enhancements to electronic services.

David Chiang, CPA CA, CPABC’s vice-president member advice and programs, thanked the CRA for their ongoing support of these meetings.  He said, “the annual CPABC-CRA Liaison Meetings provide both practitioners and CRA staff a valuable opportunity for respectful dialogue on issues and suggestions for improvement.  CPABC thanks David Bedford and his CRA team for their continued support and effort in making this year’s meetings successful.”

If you are a practitioner but were not able to attend, you can request the handouts from David Chiang.  The documents will be available after March 15 once all seven liaison meetings have been held.

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