CRA: 2018 Serving You Better Consultation in Victoria

Maureen Phelan (second from right) is the CRA’s Assistant Commissioner for the Pacific Region. She is pictured here with her staff.

On September 26, 2018, CPABC hosted a roundtable consultation with officials from the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) as part of the CRA’s “Serving You Better” consultations held in various locations across the country.

Local members had the opportunity to provide their feedback directly to Maureen Phelan, CRA’s Assistant Commissioner for the Pacific Region.

Maureen Phelan, CRA’s Assistant Commissioner, attending consultation in Victoria BC September 26, 2018.

This consultation is a key part of CRA’s commitment to delivering first-class federal government services to small and medium sized businesses and their accounting service providers.  The consultation created a forum to share valuable insight that CRA can use to make its programs and services more streamlined and client-focused.

The CRA, through the Canadian Chamber of Commerce, will also be holding sessions in Surrey and Whitehorse.

The CRA conducted similar consultations in 2016 at which time participants suggested that CRA modernize and raise awareness of their digital services; make tax information easier to access, understand and use; clarify information about payment options; and improve services related to the audit, collections and appeals processes.  CRA made these their key initiatives and reports on their progress on the CRA website.

The 2018 Serving You Better Report is expected to be released in early 2019.  CPABC will advise when this report is available to the public.

Local Victoria area CPABC members providing feedback to CRA as part of the 2018 Serving You Better Consultations.

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