Volunteers Spotlight #1 – Chapter Board Officers

From left to right (Mandeep Mann, Matthew Wong, Jennifer Mui, Christine Woodington, and Christine Franz)

Mandeep Mann, CPA, CGA – Chair

What do you do for CPABC’s Vancouver Chapter and how do you see the impact of your work on CPABC Vancouver Chapter members?

I serve as Chair of the Chapter, so my main priority is to provide leadership to the 4 wings of the board to ensure we are supporting the needs of our diverse membership.  Hand in hand with this, is keeping my ear to the ground, listening to what members and students have to say and communicating this to the provincial body.  I’ve certainly seen the inside of those CPABC boardrooms more than a few times!

Time is precious, so where we choose to spend our time; is a vote for what we see to be valuable.  Our members demonstrate this, each time they sign up for an event and this is really where I see the impact of not only my work but also that of my team.  Despite starting up only a couple of years ago we have seen an impressive growth in the number of individuals attending our social, Chapter PD, and community outreach events as well as connecting with us via our social media channels.  Every member that leaves an event feeling like an ambassador of the brand is key measure of success for us.

On a side note – a well engaged membership means we are always on the search for new venues to hold our events; any of you CPA’s working in the hospitality sector….drop me a line.

Matthew Wong, CPA, CGA – Vice-Chair

What do you think defines CPABC’s Vancouver Chapter?

This may sound cliche, but it’s the quality of volunteers and members that define the Chapter. As everyone has full-time careers, it takes tremendous effort to organize 30+ events per year. I’ve gotten to know people personally over years of working together. Our group works tirelessly, without ego, and with the designations best interest at heart. Without our volunteers, we couldn’t deliver the quality and frequency of events.

But hey, you can’t host a stellar event without equally top notch members in attendance! Our members bring their A game to our events every time. It’s rewarding to catch up with our repeat attendees and I enjoy conversing with curious new members. I take satisfaction when I see our members laughing and enjoying themselves whether it’s a weeknight social event or Saturday PD seminar.


Christine Woodington, CPA, CGA – Vice-Chair

What would your advice be for anyone looking to get involved with CPABC’s Vancouver Chapter?

It is a hard fought journey to complete the designation, but along the way you meet people through the organization or at chapter events like student night events.  There is so much support and encouragement along the way, and now as a member I wanted to give back to the profession and pay it forward to the future CPA’s.  There are so many ways to get involved with the chapter and we are always looking for fresh and new ideas.  This isn’t another full time job either.  Volunteer for a team that works with your schedule.  If that only means contributing blog posts once a month or helping at registration for all CPD events, come and say hi to anyone on the chapter at a future event or email us.  It is a great way to expand your network, and meet like minded people.


Jennifer Mui, CPA, CA – Treasurer

What would your advice be for anyone looking to get involved with CPABC’s Vancouver Chapter?

If you are interested in getting involved on any committees, come out to events and talk to the directors and chair of the committee. They love to share their experience and it will help you identify whether the committee you are interested in is suitable to your interest!


Christine Franz, CPA, CGA – Secretary

How has volunteering contributed to your personal or professional development?

Volunteering has contributed greatly to my professional development in that it has allowed me to gain skills and experience in areas such as leadership, meeting facilitation and public speaking.  Having the opportunity to put these skills to work outside of my employment has been great preparation for future career advancement and looks great on a resume!

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