Volunteer Spotlight #5 – Social Committee

This is our last installment of the CPA Vancouver Chapter volunteers!  Last but not least, our Social Committee.

The Social Committee is the face that many Chapter members see when attending the numerous social events throughout the year.  These are the members who find awesome new venues and organize networking breakfasts, the summer social, the holiday social, as well as other opportunities for members to network.

Without further ado, the CPA Vancouver Chapter Social Committee!

From Left to Right: Brian King, Tricia Campbell, June Lee, Kyla Ryoo, Derek Johnson, Peter Tse

Derek Johnson, CPA, CMA – Committee Chair

What do you do for CPA Vancouver Chapter and do you see the impact of your work on CPA Vancouver Chapter members?

I volunteer as Chair of the Social Committee. I’m a huge fan of meeting new people as well as connecting people. I think the social committee does an amazing job of bringing together the diverse CPA Vancouver community under one roof, or baseball field.


Brian King, CPA, CGA – Committee Director

What would your advice be for anyone looking to get involved with CPA Vancouver Chapter?

My simple advice for anyone looking to get involved with the CPA Vancouver Chapter is to talk to a volunteer in the Chapter and ask lots of questions. Even better to talk to multiple volunteers because different people have different experiences.


June Lee, CPA, CMA – Committee Director

How has getting involved with CPA Vancouver Chapter changed or developed you?

Getting involved with CPA Vancouver Chapter was the best decision that I made. I got to build life-long friendships with like-minded, passionate people. Not only I make new friends but they become my mentors who support me throughout my professional career. Being a social committee volunteer, I developed event organizing, and leadership skill but most of all, I developed sense of belonging by being part of CPA Vancouver Chapter volunteer.


Peter Tse, CPA, CGA – Committee Director

How has getting involved with CPA Vancouver Chapter changed or developed you?

Prior to the merger, I was the Social Chair for the CGA Vancouver Chapter. After the merger took place and I transitioned to volunteer on the CPA Chapter committee. I thought things would be business as usual however due to CPA being a new organization things were actually very different. I had to be a quick learner as the requirements and guidelines were steadily evolving. The size of the committees also have grown significantly, exposing myself to many different people with very different backgrounds – a humbling experience indeed. I have developed a deeper appreciation for the uniqueness of individuals, and how different professional backgrounds develop different skill sets.


Tricia Campbell, CPA, CMA – Committee Director

What did you want to achieve by getting involved with CPA Vancouver Chapter?

The reason I wanted to volunteer with CPABC was to get more involved with the CPA organization as a whole. Prior to moving Vancouver, the only CPA event I went to, was my graduation. Joining the Vancouver Chapter Social Committee provided the chance to learn more about the organization, meet new people in the city and help find ways to get members like me also get more involved in the Chapter by coming out to our social events.


Kyla Ryoo, CPA, CGA – Committee Director

Are there any messages or thoughts you want to share with the members of CPA Vancouver Chapter?

As a Social Committee Director, being a part of CPA Vancouver Chapter has meant working side by side with the enthusiastic volunteer CPAs, being exposed to diverse unseen side of the CPA profession, expanding network, building new friendships, and becoming a competent CPA.

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