Practitioners’ Forums

Practitioners’ Forum provides an opportunity for sole practitioners, small firm and mid size firm partners in public practice to exchange information, share best practices, and strengthen professional alliances. A steering committee of Forum members sets the agenda in advance, and discussion topics vary at each meeting. The Forums meet for a two-hour morning session three times per year and are open only to members licensed for public practice. We define a “sole practitioner” as a registered CPA firm, a small firm as one with with up to five partners, and a mid size firm as one with greater than five partners often operating regionally.  These forums are open to members licensed for public practice (owners) and derive a majority of their professional income from their practice.

There are also specialized forums for those in Mining, Government Organizations, and Taxation.   Those interested in emerging standards can join the Professional Standards Advisory Committee.

Sign up to join a forum but please note that some of these forums are restricted based on specified criteria ( eg. Practitioner forums are restricted to those members licensed for public practice).

For more information or to join, please contact Advisory Services.