Recap: Making Sandwiches for DTES residents

CPABC Vancouver Chapter community engagement volunteers making sandwiches for Door is Open. Photo by CPABC.

Thirty CPABC members and CPA candidates attended a CPABC Vancouver Chapter community engagement event on September 21, 2019 to make delicious healthy sandwiches for distribution by  The Door Is Open.

The sandwich making process was performed like a well tuned assembly line at CPABC’s offices at Harbour Centre in Vancouver.  The slices of bread were laid out, condiments evenly spread on each slice, followed by a layer of tasty meat and vegetables.  Each completed sandwich was carefully wrapped and placed in boxes ready to be delivered to The Door is Open for distribution to the hungry in the Downtown Eastside (DTES).

Here are the Five Steps to the “Perfect CPA Sandwich”:

Step 1: Place a good dollop of mayonnaise and mustard on each slice of bread and spread it evenly. Use loaf ends as well.

The CPA mayo and mustard crew. Photo by CPABC.

Step two: place a layer of havarti cheese, spinach and meat on one slice of bread.

The CPA cheese crew. Photo by CPABC.

Step 3: place a second slice of bread on top of the first slice making sure to position all the fillings to make a perfect square. Be sure to have just the right amount of meat and cheese showing from between the slices.

The CPA sandwich assembly crew. Photo by CPABC.

Step 4: Quality check the product before carefully wrapping (tightly, very tightly) each sandwich; removing any excess spinach.

The CPA wrapping crew. Photo by CPABC.

Step 5: place the completed sandwiches into boxes for delivery to Door is Open.

That’s how you make the perfect CPA Sandwich.  Each made with care, love and respect for the ultimate consumer.

Thank you volunteers for your effort.

The CPA sandwich making crew. Photo by CPABC.

And, where do these sandwiches go?

They go to The Door is Open – a charitable organization providing clothing, counselling, shelter services and referrals, in a warm and safe environment to residents of the DTES.  DTES is a neighbourhood recognized for the highest concentration of the poorest urban population in the whole of Canada.

Sister Chita, one of the co-managers of The Door is Open, and Vanesse, shared their story of the organization and how it supports hundreds of DTES residents every day.  They thanked members for their generous support and love.

(Left to right) Chapter organizer Wendy with Representatives from Door is Open, Vanesse and Sister Chita. Photo by CPABC.

The Chapter organizes several community events each year.  The next event is at Quest Food Market on November 2, 2019.  All CPABC members, CPA candidates/students are encouraged to register for this event and help your local community.


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