Holiday Message from your Chapter Chair 2018

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Dear CPABC Vancouver Chapter members, students and candidates,

2018 was another lively year for the Chapter. Month after month, we conjured up interesting social networking events for our members, students and candidates.  My favourite event was the Vancouver Canadians night at Nat Bailey Stadium. We delivered more unique professional development events ranging in topics from Power BI (Business Intelligence) to Succession Planning. We increased our community outreach by connecting with new NFPs such as Doors is Open and Duke of Edinburgh. In total, we hosted 23 Vancouver-area events this year.

We have an exciting lineup of events planned for 2019, so keep following our email blasts and social media postings for updates!

Who’s on my Christmas nice list this year?

  • I’m grateful for the tireless efforts of the board and committee members. Our volunteers are passionate leaders in the community.
  • Thank you CPABC, specifically to David Chiang and Tierra Pawluk for supporting the Chapter. We couldn’t do it without you.
  • I’m thankful for our Chapter members. You motivate us with your attendance, feedback and passion for the Chapter.

Of the 16 regional Chapters, Vancouver is the largest with over 10,000 CPA members, students and candidates. Chapter’s are a truly unique structure in our membership. Funded and supported by CPABC, we exist to build membership camaraderie and provide a grassroots connection to this profession. I believe our Chapter’s existence is unique and level of support does not exist to the same extent in other provinces nor professions. For that, I am truly grateful.

Happy Holidays,

Matthew Wong
Chapter Board Chair
CPABC Vancouver Chapter

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