Don’t Let This Be You #1 – Timesheets: A Cautionary Tale

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Many things need to go wrong in order to get your employees to wish they could go back to a decades old enterprise management software, but if you’re not careful, the stars could just align.

This company’s original software was a relic of the 1980’s, with outdated, blocky, grey UI and all. Simply launching the software would take a full minute, and the program would crash any time your internet connection was disrupted (all the more confusing because it was definitely not cloud-based).

When the company rolled out new software to bring themselves into the 21st century, their employees were found themselves begging to be taken back to 1980’s. Permissions weren’t assigned, staff had zero visibility on the system, and even billings had to be frozen for weeks while modules were patched and changes were implemented. Months into the implementation, invoices were still being drafted on word processors in order to get around systems limitations. Setting up a new client took weeks,  leaving the company at a disadvantage in analyzing productivity and staff utilization as nobody could track their time.

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