CPABC Vancouver Chapter Continues Support for Langara Students

Langara College Campus

The CPABC Vancouver Chapter continues to support Langara College with a $1,000 award to an accounting student who has achieved scholastic excellence and who has the intention of becoming a CPA. This is the second year of a three year commitment to fund this award – made possible through the generosity of CPABC Vancouver Chapter members. The award recipient is selected by the college.

In addition, graduating accounting students at Langara College who are planning to enroll in the CPA program can apply for one of seven $1,000 CPA Education Foundation (CPAEF) awards which are adjudicated by the CPAEF directly.  The application deadline for these awards is May 1, 2018.  Applications can be found on the CPAEF website under the “Helping Students” tab.

The CPAEF also supports Langara College accounting faculty development.  In 2017, twelve CPA faculty members registered for the CPAEF Academic Passport program which entitles them to two complimentary days of training selected from seminars offered through the CPABC Professional Development program   The value of this support is $10,800 and the cost is paid by the CPAEF.

Langara College has also received two Speaker Series grants totalling $4,650 to support faculty development. All accredited BC post-secondary institutions can apply for up to $2,500 in grants up to twice a year to support their faculty professional development.  Application forms can be found on the CPAEF website under “Helping Faculty.”

Bruce Hurst, FCPA FCGA, a governor of the CPAEF and board chair of Langara College Foundation said, “Langara College supports career opportunities in accounting.  I am delighted to see the collaboration between the Langara College Foundation and the CPAEF – and am privileged to be a supporter of both foundations.”

Bruce Hurst FCPA FCGA, board chair of Langara College and governor of the CPAEF, with Christine Woodington CPA CGA, director with the CPABC Vancouver Chapter

David Chiang, CPA CA, CPABC’s vice-president member services was on the Langara College campus on December 18 to meet with Ajay Patel, Vice-President External Development and Moira Gookstetter Executive Director of the Langara College Foundation.  Said Chiang, “the CPAEF is delighted to support  Langara College and looks forward to enhancing its support in the future.”

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