2017 Holiday Message from Chapter Chair

Greetings CPA Vancouver Chapter members and students,

Now that we are on the cusp of a new year, I wanted to take the time to reflect on the year gone by and provide some insight into what we will be working on in the future.

It has been a busy and fun 2017 at the Chapter.  We take great pride in knowing that via our social networking events we brought together 1,150 members at premiere venues throughout the city, we assisted 1,170 members in meeting their CPD requirements via industry experts and by partnering 70 members with numerous NFPs in Vancouver, we built on our CPA chapter brand in the community.  Our online presence also continued to gain traction, with now just over 3,300 members following, liking and joining us on our various platforms.

On my 2017 thank-you list?  I’m grateful for the unwavering support of the entire board, including all committees.  This multi-talented and dedicated team of volunteers continues to put our Chapter on the map, when it comes to churning out events appealing to the wide range of membership forming our Chapter.  We held a volunteer recognition event earlier this year, where we solicited feedback from all volunteers, on what it is that makes them continue to be involved – the unanimous response – camaraderie and fun. Last but not least, thank-you to all of you; it’s through your engagement with us that we have managed to achieve impressive growth in a very short time span.

Did you know that the Vancouver area alone consists of a 10,000 + member and student base?   Our 2018 goals include engaging more of this catchment.    To achieve this, we will need your help.  Imagine the possibilities for your network, career and social calendar with this size of cohort.  If each of you is able to share your chapter experience with 2 new members/students in 2018, we are half way to achieving this. Sounds like a lofty goal but we feel nothing is impossible based on your support to date.

As we move into our 5th year of operations we will also be continuing with our theme of succession planning in 2018.  Would you like to get involved with the Chapter or know of someone that would?  Check out our volunteer profiles to find out who you could be working alongside.  We welcome volunteers from all backgrounds; seasoned professionals or new to the game; industry or public practice; those looking to mentor or looking for a mentor.

In closing, we at the Chapter are aware that the global newsfeeds for 2017 have been clogged with all sorts of mind boggling stuff; so we’d like to offer a few moments of cheerful distraction via our blog.  Feel free to grab something warm or sparkling, mulled or chilled (tis the season) and browse through what we have lined up for 2018!

Have a wonderful holiday season.

Mandeep Mann, CPA, CGA
CPA Vancouver Chapter Chair

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