Recap: Members tackle the Crunch

Hikers ready for The Crunch. Photo by Willa Choy.

On October 20, 2018, over 20 members of the CPABC Tri-Cities Chapter tackled the Coquitlam Crunch Trail.  The Crunch is an urban trail and Coquitlam’s version of the Grind.  This moderate intensity trail is approximately 4.5 km round trip to the top of Westwood Plateau for an elevation gain of 244 metres.

A beautiful crisp Autumn morning was ideal for this day’s hike.  Photo by: CPABC Tri-Cities/RM Chapter

Looking great as hikers made their way to the top of the Crunch. Photo by Willa Choy.

Hikers even had time to pose for photos and enjoy the mountain scenery. Photo by Willa Choy.

Along the trail, which is located under power lines, hikers enjoyed views of the city.  Some even spotted wildlife in the surrounding bushes.  While bear sightings have been reported in the past, luckily, none were noticed today.

After finishing the Crunch, hikers headed over to the Mariner Brewing Company on Landsdowne Drive where the rest of the group waited patiently.   It’s a craft brewery featuring a Northeast IPA that’s known for its bright, tropical and juicy flavours.

This ice cold beverage was an ideal reward for all those who hiked the Crunch earlier in the day.

Refreshments waiting at the Mariner Brewery.  Photo by Adrian Dastur.

The other members of the group waited anxiously for the hikers to return. A few pints help pass the time. Photo by Adrian Dastur.

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