Recap: Tree Planting at Godwin Biodiversity Preserve

CPABC members and their families volunteered their Saturday morning planting shrubs and trees. Photo by CPABC.

October 26, 2019 was a beautiful sunny autumn day that provided perfect weather conditions for twenty CPA members and candidates to volunteer their Saturday morning planting trees and shrubs at the Godwin Farm Biodiversity Preserve Park in Surrey BC.

Photo by CPABC.

This family friendly chapter community engagement event was organized in collaboration with the City of Surrey to support Surrey’s urban forest.  The #CPABCgiving team helped plant trees and shrubs that will improve the wildlife habitat in the area.

Photo by CPABC.

Surrey Parks staff provided training to the volunteers starting first with how to handle shovels safely.  Volunteers were then tasked with selecting their shovel before being deployed into the meadow.

Safety first. Surrey Parks staff providing volunteers with instruction on how to properly handle shovels and other tools. Photo by CPABC.

Volunteers, dressed in their #CPABCgiving shirts, finding the right shovel for them. Photo by CPABC.

Chapter leader Peter Shum CPA CGA showing his technique in digging deep holes. Photo by CPABC.

In the meadow, parks staff laid out various shrubs, rose bushes and trees to be planted.  The volunteer team then dug holes and started planting.

Surrey Parks staff laying out the trees and shrubs in the exact places to be planted. Photo by CPABC.

Digging the perfect hole. Photo by chapter.

The hard work is underway. Photo by CPABC.

All volunteers, young or old, lent a hand.  Photo by chapter.

Thank you to all the volunteers who contributed.  We’re #CPAproud of your contribution in making Surrey a more beautiful place.

CPABC’s David Chiang CPA CA thanking members for their volunteerism. Photo by CPABC.

CPABC volunteers celebrating a very productive day. Photo by chapter.

About Godwin Park

Godwin was donated by the Godwin family to serve as an urban biodiversity preserve.  The park has beautiful trails around a man-made pond, with bridges, cabins, and much more.

Below are some photos of the park:

The park was created from land donated by the Godwin family. Photo by CPABC.

A beautiful autumn day at Godwin Park. Photo by CPABC.

Photo by CPABC.

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