Event Recap: Breakfast with the Bank

Once again, seven SLND CPABC members joined the annual “Breakfast with the Bank – New Beginnings” fundraiser for the Surrey Food Bank. This year’s event was held on Friday, May 12, 2017 and was MC’d by Mark Madryga from Global BC TV.  We joined over 500 people, such as RCMP officers, Firefighters, financial institutions’ leaders and staff, business owners and many others. All had helping our community and people struggling with hunger in their hearts.

“Poverty is not lack of money, poverty is lack of choices!” as quoted by Marilyn Herrmann, Executive Director at the Surrey Food Bank. Marilyn is retiring after 17 years as executive director. One of her dreams is to have a new home for the Surrey Food Bank, one that can provide a greater space for the programs and services. Donations help 14,000 people every month who are struggling to make ends meet.

Keynote speakers included a dad who told us his story about how the Food Bank helped him to go through the toughest time in his life during a period of unemployment, and assisted him to get back on his feet with a “New Beginning” – a newborn baby.  Another keynote speaker spoke about how the Surrey Food Bank welcomed her and her organization with much needed food.  She is living with HIV and had ended up in hospital several times after taking her powerful medication on an empty stomach.  She and her community are now doing much better with the support of the Surrey Food Bank.

Surrey is the fastest growing city in Canada.  The changes are happening right now with increasing needs for food and baby supplies. Fund raising is one of the key supports that the Food Bank relies on.  The Surrey Food Bank receive “0” dollars from government. It is alive from the community donations received in part from this annual fundraising event. The Surrey Food Bank told us that every one hundred dollar donation could help two babies over one week for food and necessities.

This year, the Food Bank raised $143,000 from this event! We would like to thank these CPABC members for supporting such a great cause!

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