CPA Candidates

The Chapter has a number of supports for CPA Candidates such as:

Capstone 1 Mock Board Presentation

Chapter professionals volunteer to form a mock board/boards to provide interested groups with an opportunity to:
• practice presentation and Q&A skills, and
• receive feedback on their presentations

in a setting that approximates the actual event. Be prepared to bring any equipment necessary to make your presentation or a suitable alternative to a live PowerPoint presentation (i.e. print outs of the slides, etc.).

Mock Board presentations will be held in July. will be held in July. A survey will be sent out in May/June to identify those who are interested. The personal information you share in the survey will be provided to the Chapter to arrange the presentations.

Someone from the Chapter will reach out during the module, so please designate a group member for the Chapter to communicate with regarding the mock board(s).

The CPABC Surrey/Langley/North Delta Chapter will use personal information gathered on this form so that a representative can make arrangements for this project. The chapter is part of CPABC and is separate from CPAWSB.

Networking Opportunities

The Chapter hosts many networking events throughout the year to encourage camaraderie amongst CPA members, students and candidates. The connections that you make at networking events can open doors for you in the the future. We encourage all future CPAs to attend your Chapter networking events. Please visit the Chapter Calendar to view all upcoming events in your area.

Information about the Education Program

PEP Candidate Guides:

The CPA Canada candidate guides for the Professional Education Program (CPA PEP) include information about the CPA PEP module components, computer requirements and candidate responsibilities. Click here for more information.

CPA Way:
Learn the methodical approach for addressing professional problems that is used throughout the CPA Professional Education Program (CPA PEP). Click here for more information.

Click here to access the resources for the CPA Professional Education Program (CPA PEP).

Module Resources:
You can find sample cases and an exam blueprints for each module on the following pages:
Core 1 – Click here to learn more about the Core 1 module
Core 2 – Click here to learn more about the Core 2 module
Assurance – Click here to learn about the Assurance elective module
Finance – Click here to learn about the Finance elective module
PM – Click here to learn about the Performance Management elective module
Tax – Click here to learn about the Taxation elective module
Capstone 1 – The CPA PEP Capstone 1 case relates to Day 1 of the Common Final Examination. The capstone modules are culminating courses; in them you demonstrate what you have learned over the course of the CPA PEP. Click here to learn more about Capstone 1
Capstone 2 – N/A as this is a CFE prep module. See CFE section below.

CFE Resources:
Sample CFE cases – Click here for more information on how to prepare for the Common Final Examination (CFE) by reviewing case examples for all three days of the CFE
Simulations and guides for the CFE – Following every CFE, CPA Canada publishes the CFE Board of Examiners’ report, which provides feedback on candidates’ performance and commentary from the Board of Examiners. Click here for more information.