2020 Community Event: Nightshift Street Ministry

January 25, 2020

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Come join us to enrich the life of homeless people for the Nightshift Street Ministries Society.

Volunteers will be involved in serving hot meals, desserts, drinks, supporting for the clothing truck and mingling with the crowd to offer companionship. We need 8 CPA members, candidates and/or students. For just two hours of your time, you can help make a difference.

Date:Saturday, January 25, 2020
Time:6:30 pm – 8:30 pm
Location:Nightshift Street Ministries Society, 10635 King George Boulevard, Surrey, BC
Register:Click here

Nightshift is a registered, not-for-profit organization, caring for people through outreach, counselling, education, transitional housing as well providing meals.

A few reminders to keep in mind:

  • Please arrive at the side warehouse door by 6:30 pm as the briefing, prayer and organizing the truck begins promptly; the leader will give a brief orientation, discuss/advise of emerging issues and assign duties – you are usually on your way home by 8:30 pm.
  • No photos. Photos are not allowed during event, especially a full-on, identifiable photo of the friends we serve.  This is to protect  privacy as well as our liability from any claims that may occur as a result of a privacy infringement or exploitation.  If photos are requested, we ask the photographer to be sure only the backs of our street friends are showing; photos of the volunteers may be taken – please ask first.   There are opportunities for visiting groups to have their photo taken underneath our NightShift sign.
  • Please dress weather-accordingly and comfortably.  Meals are served outside in a parking lot (from the side of a serving trailer). If it is cold or wet, please ensure that you bring proper and warm attire.  Everyone must wear close-toed shoes (no sandals).
  • Remember!  The Nightshift Team Leader is in charge, he/she is trained and experienced and is well versed on our outreach policies – please remember to fold under the Leader’s direction.
  •  A  board member’s cell phone number will be emailed to the registrants a day or two before the event.
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