Practitioners’ Networking

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The chapter organizes several networking events through out the year to engage practitioners in small CPA firms to exchange information, share best practices, and strengthen professional alliances. The agenda is pre-determined by the attendees and discussion topics vary at each meeting. Meetings are open to CPABC members licensed for public practice.

A new Provincial Practitioner Discussion Forum has been formed to discuss accounting and auditing issues related to COVID-19.  This forum open to all licensed practitioners in BC. The forum will meet online to discuss guidance published by CPA Canada and allow members to help each other deal with the impact of COVID-19 on financial reporting. Email CPABC to sign up.

News & Views Knowledge Base – Great Resource for Practitioners

The CPABC News & Views Online Knowledge Base is a good resource for technical and practice management information. Click here to find this online resource on the CPABC website.

On the landing page of the Knowledge Base, there is a search function.  Insert key word(s) and scroll down for the results. For example, searching on “Compilations” results in useful information such as:
•    Purpose of compiled financial statements
•    Notice to Reader communication
•    Engagement & representation letters
•    Compilation & documentation requirements
•    Annual corporate filings
•    Compilations & independence
At the bottom of the screen, CPABC highlights upcoming events or topics applicable to practitioners in the short term.

This online Knowledge Base contains many relevant and useful articles and is constantly being grown. There’s also guidance such as the new Guide for Review Engagements (the new CSRE 2400 standard) and Guide to Independence. And webinars of interest to practitioners, both from CPABC and CPA Canada. Use this online resource to search both technical and practice management topics.