Meet Your Chapter Board: Education/Recruitment Committee

Christine Woodington CPA, CGA

The Education/Recruitment Committee organizes free events every year to provide career advice and updates on the CPA program.  These events are great opportunities to not only interact with CPABC staff, but also to network with CPA members, students and candidates. You can find a study buddy, a mentor and find out more about getting involved with our chapter.

Christine Woodington, CPA, CGA

As a legacy CGA student, Christine was surfing on the association website and came across an invitation to a student night. It was a free event so she thought it would be a great opportunity to find some of her classmates to form a study group or even get advice about her current accounting path. During the event, she sat at the back of the room and took notes on what she needed to do to be a successful graduate of the program. As an observer, she was mesmerized by the group of people which busily worked together in the back to host the student night event.  The chapter chair expressed his gratitude to the volunteers who worked hard to put the event together, and made a plea for more volunteers. Christine took the initiative and joined the chapter board. As a student, it was great volunteering alongside people who had finished the program. Doing so not only encouraged her to complete the program, but it also gave her the support she needed to believe she could fulfill that goal.

As a candidate and as a member, the association has provided her with many opportunities, and has guided her to the career she is in today which she is forever grateful.  She volunteers to share what she learned, and to give back to a community that has opened many doors for her. She also wants to emphasize that you get to hang out with a great group of CPA’s at least once a month! As the Director of the Education and Recruitment committee, she continues her mission to encourage members to attend chapter events, engage the next generation of candidates and members to get involved and experience the benefits that come with giving back to the profession.


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