Join CPABC Ultimate Team this Summer

March 20, 2018.   Attend this initial breakfast orientation session on March 20, 2018 to find out more about joining the CPABC Ultimate Team.

CPABC will be sponsoring a 25-person team in the Vancouver Ultimate League (VUL).  CPABC members, CPA candidates and CPA students are welcome to join.  Great chance to meet other members, make new connections and get a great workout.
The CPABC team will be entered in Regular play which is co-ed and plays 7-7 format.  The season runs 15 weeks from May to mid-August.   For Regular play, there is a weekly game night (either Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday) plus a practice night at the option of the team.  Players are encouraged to commit to game nights and make practice sessions when possible.
The VUL teams play at fields all over Vancouver and will be rotated between fields over the season.

The expected fee for participation is $70 per person (based on full complement of 25).  If the team is smaller, the cost will be adjusted.  A minimum of 18 participants is needed.   The fee includes registration, team jersey/shirt, and a CPA branded disc.  Plus, a team party on a date to be selected.  Fee will be collected once formal team registration begins.

If you are interested in joining the CPABC Ultimate Team, attend an information breakfast session which is being held on Tuesday March 20, 2018 at the CPABC office. Formal team registration will be done after the initial meeting.  First item on the agenda, a better team name!

Register NOW!

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