Fall Candidate-Mentor Meet-Up Night Recap

Photo by: CPABC Richmond Chapter

On October 18th, 56 attendees came out to the chapter’s fall Candidate-Mentor Meet-Up event. There was a great mix of CPA PREP, PEP, and members in attendance. Harp Bagri CPA, CA from CPA Western School of Business kicked off the evening with an update on the current changes in the CPA program, extended course offerings and updated systems.  Later, Jason Yip CPA, provided a recap of his experience on writing the Common Final Exam (CFE) and shared his tips for success.

Lastly, CPABC’s Lily Dayson CPA CGA, provided information on the mentorship program followed by an ice breaker game of networking BINGO to kick start the second part of the evening. The game was effective in that it encouraged  conversation and created connections between potential mentees and mentors.  The chapter hosts two Candidate/Student events a year focusing on education and career.  Stay tuned for the next event in late spring.

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