Community Engagement: Local CPAs Help Nepalese Youth

Nepalese youth wearing donated soccer jerseys and playing with soccer balls.

In the fall 2017, a group of climbers which included CPABC members Jim Carr-Hilton FCPA FCA, Bruce Gandossi CPA CA, and Bruce Hurst FCPA FCGA and their partners and spouses, trekked to base camp at Mount Everest bringing recreational gifts to help Nepalese children cope with the aftermath of the 2015 earthquake.

The group was inspired to do this community outreach after a previous trip to the region when they witnessed the near total devastation of the country’s infrastructure. Amid this despair, local children continued to enjoy childhood games such as kicking deflated and over used soccer balls.

Bruce Gandossi CPA CA holding the Canadian flag and Bruce Hurst FCPA FCGA with the CPA banner near the top of the world.

The group set out to make a difference. They approached family, friends and professional colleagues to collect gently used soccer balls, runners and soccer boots with the intent to distribute these items to local children as they trekked through remote villages.  After several months of collection, the group had gathered over 300 soccer balls and duffle bags filled with jerseys, socks, shorts, soccer boots and runners – enough clothing to outfit a couple soccer teams.

In this isolated part of the world where most children had never played an organized soccer game before, the group was able to organize a four-team tournament that felt like the “World Cup of Soccer” being played on the “top of the world.”

Said Hurst, “the group would like to thank CPABC staff and the CPABC Richmond / South Delta Chapter for their support in gathering gear for the trip.” He added, “while the trek itself was both physically and mentally challenging, with injuries sustained along the way, watching the children take delight in playing soccer was well worth the effort.”

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