Apply for Exemption When Volunteering at Tax Clinics

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When volunteering to prepare tax returns for low-income taxpayers at an organized tax clinic in BC, members need to apply for the exemption from licensing if you are:
• employed in industry, government, and other sectors outside of public practice;
• employed in public practice but not personally licensed; or
• licensed for public practice holding an “Other Regulated Services – Non-reviewable” license.

Only members who apply for this exemption will be covered under a blanket professional liability insurance policy paid for by CPABC. Check out the details on the Volunteer Tax Services page of our website.

The preparation of tax returns at volunteer tax clinics is an excellent way for members to give back to the community. Across BC, many clinics organized by local community groups are looking for CPA volunteers. If you are interested in offering your services, please visit the CRA website for more information and remember to apply for the exemption.

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