About Your Chapter

Welcome to the Vancouver Chapter of CPA British Columbia.

Burrard Bridge

Burrard Bridge

The chapter’s goals include promoting the CPA brand and encouraging camaraderie and networking among members, students and candidates in the Vancouver area.

In addition to hosting events and professional development opportunities, the chapter board serves as your liaisons to the provincial organization – fostering communication and providing a regional voice to CPA British Columbia.

Your 2017-2018 Vancouver Chapter Board Officers
Chair – Mandeep Mann, CPA, CGA
Vice-Chair – Matthew Wong, CPA, CGA
Vice-Chair – Christine Woodington, CPA, CGA
Treasurer – Jennifer Mui CPA, CA
Secretary –  Christine Franz, CPA, CGA

Your 2017-2018 Chapter Committee Members
Mandeep Mann – Professional Development Advisor
Rosanna Yusuf   – Professional Development Chair
Christine Franz   – Professional Development Advisor
Claudia Wang   – Professional Development Advisor
Ryan Glendenning   – Professional Development Director
Stacey Lee   – Community Outreach Chair
Jennifer Mui   – Community Outreach Advisor
Kevin Wan  –  Community Outreach Director
Emily Chee    – Communication Chair & Community Outreach Director
Inga Kavtaradze   – Communication Director
Viola Pang  –  Communication Director
Kelvin Wong  –  Communication Director
Derek Johnson   – Social Chair
Brian King   – Social Director
June Lee   – Social Director
Ankur Merwaha   – Social Director
Lauren Pahlad   – Social Director
Kyla Ryoo    – Social Director
Peter Tse  –  Social Director

Questions or comments?
If you are interested in getting involved with the chapter or have an idea for a future event, please contact your chapter chair or email VancouverChapter@bccpa.ca.